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OSPF Design

By shahid_duet ·
Dear boss
I have cisco 3845 router at DC and cisco 2801 router at 80 branches with dual connectivity. I declared DC LAN and Server LAN as area 0, each branch with separate area. My goal is each branch get DC but not other branch. When i enable ospf all branches get all branch.

How I design ospf that DC will get all branch and each branch only get DC ?
Please suggest me.

Thanking You

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ospf design

by moraleselvin In reply to OSPF Design

I am not sure what you are asking but I am going to assume you are talking about sharing routes only from branches to DC. if this is the case filter routes from area 0 outbound to branch offices. On Cisco gear you can use distribute-lists and route-map based filtering.

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by vishwasgs86 In reply to OSPF Design

hi boss just use ospf authentication ......................

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Passive Interfaces

by miacovin In reply to OSPF Design

Since your network is hub and spoke. Make all the branch interfaces in the hub passive. And use a default route back to the hub in the branches.

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Not really a function of OSPF design

by chris1ring In reply to OSPF Design

You can configure each branch area as a stub area but that isn't going to get you the effect you want. you really need to implement ACL's on the branch router's to only allow connections from the DC networks and any management networks/workstations that you need.

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Or you could use a distribute list

by chris1ring In reply to OSPF Design

If you don't want to implement access ACL's on the branch router's, you could implement a distribute or prefix list in the OSPF config. That way you're branch router's will only accept a default route and the network route's for the DC

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