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Other people Getting Fired: your top stories?

By robo_dev ·
Here's mine. These are all true, been there, done that.

1) Guy sends voicemail bragging about affair with supervisor (female). Accidentally forwards it to entire company. Was seen begging the PBX admin to somehow stop the message.

2) Worker caught stealing a computer monitor.

3) Worker caught printing porn on shared color printer.

4) Manager making 900-sex-phone calls on office phone, using corporate credit card to pay.

5) Firewall admin pushes bad firewall rule, servers get hacked, he deletes and corrupts logs to try to cover his tracks.

6) Using overtime to do college homework.

7) Clocking-in at 8am, checking out company vehicle, driving home to run landscape business, returning vehicle at end of day and clocking out.

Bringing loaded mac-10 assault rifle to work to show co-workers new modifications (three shots per squeeze).

9) Dropping 5 IBM mainframe disk arrays with approximately 3TB of production data off the back of the truck when pulling away from loading dock (forgot to close truck tailgate). (disaster declared, backup tapes used)

10) Server admin claims his server admin accounts were hacked, but he was doing it himself when under the influence of crystal meth, then forgetting about it once the drugs wore off.

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You can't get fired from the Navy

by Tig2 In reply to Other people Getting Fire ...

But you can wish you had been!

I answered the phone at a friend's house to find an obscene caller on the other end. Used to be a common occurance- obscene phone calls, I mean. I advised the caller that they had chosen the wrong number to call as he had reached a police officer's home and hung up the phone. He called back three more times.

I called my friend to make him aware of the issue and went to work. A temp in the office mentioned receiving obscene calls and the action she was taking in the matter. Through conversation, we discovered that we had both been called by the same guy.

Came to find out that the guy had been identified by the Navy. Yes, he was using the phone on his desk ON BASE to make these calls.

Once the Navy discovered that he had called the home of a local cop, the charges intensified.

Guy just got one too many hits with the stupid stick.

Edit- clarity

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I remember hearing stories

by NickNielsen In reply to You can't get fired from ...

About more than one GI who took more than one too many stupid hits.
- One guy attempted rape on the Base Commander's front lawn just a few moments before the General arrived home.
- Another pawned his toolbox (full of identity-engraved tools!) then claimed it as stolen.
- And my personal favorite, the young airman who was about to be discharged for failure to meet standards reported his for-official-travel-only American Express card as stolen and filed an official report. The evening of his discharge, he purchased over $10,000 worth of electronics and video games using the "stolen" card. The military took him back so it could court-martial him. :^0

Edit: the usual

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Yes, you can

by blacksmith In reply to You can't get fired from ...

You can get fired from the Navy - or any of the other military branches. Depending on circumstances, it can be anything from discharge under less than honorable conditions, to a Bad Conduct Discharge, up to Dishonorable Discharge. The last usually involves a bunch of brig time before it takes effect.

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Missing co-worker

by mjd420nova In reply to Other people Getting Fire ...

Attempted to call another co-worker to obtain some badly needed parts only he had. Left voice mail and expected immediate return but no response. Checked with dispatch and got location of co-worker on site. Arrived on site to find user hadn't seen him all day. Passed it off as mistaken call and made contact the next day to get the needed parts. Did not mention anything to him about previous day and continued regular calls. The next day the manager arranged a meeting with co-worker to discuss other matters and the manager observed him arriving in personal car a half hour late for meeting after manager had checked with dispatch that he was assigned to call in same building an hour before. When asked where he was, co-worker told manager it wasn't any of his business. Bad move, was terminated on the spot.

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Didn't make sense

by bpate In reply to Missing co-worker

That last story didn't make much sense...

One of my former co-workers was fired for being found naked(a man) by a woman in the women's restroom. Mind you this guy sticks out like a turd in a punch bowl. He is 6 feet 11 inches and worked in a department where no one else is over 6 feet four inches. We never did find out why he was naked in the women's restroom with the lights off...then again we didn't want to know.

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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Other people Getting Fire ...

Using Gozilla to download ebony porn on company connection when your HR manager is a young attractive lady of african descent.
Got to be the funniest escort out of the building I've ever seen.

Renting out the company pool cars.

Managing to collect half the customer debt for a 10% cut

and my all time favourite.

Hand a termination letter to the secretarial pool which ends up as the next task for the terminee.

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Personal use of email

by krsmav In reply to Other people Getting Fire ...

This is true. I know the people involved.

A very large bank forbids ANY personal use of email. An IT guy is sent from NYC to Phoenix for a day and gets snowed in. He sends an email to his department head saying he's on another flight and copies it to his wife. He's fired.

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by eward In reply to Personal use of email

He should have used BCC.

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Administrative Bcc

by blieffring In reply to Other people Getting Fire ...

A sales VP sent his mail group an attachment of one of the most infamous web porn videos. The mail server had an blind administative Bcc to forward all of that groups mail to the company's VP. She didn't like it and told her husband who was CEO. The sales vp was gone within the hour, and email was down for days while they built new servers and made sure all copies were purged from the company.

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Network Admin

by blieffring In reply to Other people Getting Fire ...

A network admin with thousands of computers on different networks, no budget, no management support, only 2 competent coworkers, and working days, nights, and weekends to keep the network functional was fired after speed was detected in his urine test.

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