Others Using My Internet Connection

By Craig.A ·
If someone connects their own pc into my internet connection and goes into unsavory websites, will I start getting spam on my email account and other things happening on my computer? Can I see what sites they have been into from my pc?

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No and no

by TechExec2 In reply to Others Using My Internet ...
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And also if they do this

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to No and no

You will wear the Legal Responsibility for allowing this to happen. If they where to download some Kiddy Porn or Bomb Making material you as that account owner would be responsible for the content of the download.

This is something quite common on open WiFi connections.


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Thanks for the replies

by Craig.A In reply to And also if they do this

Hopefully the other user isn't that stupid to do anything illegal. I'm just worried about suddenly getting spam and popups due to some of the sites they may visit.

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A couple of points hey

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Others Using My Internet ...

If someone uses your connection to do anything on the Internet, you'll usually be held legally responsible for what goes on through that account, unless you can prove, to the satisfaction of the investigators, or court, that it happened without your approval or knowledge.

The only thing anyone could get from another person using your connection, is the IP number being used at the time they used it.

Outsider can use any unprotected connection as a springboard to enter, and investigate your local area network. If you have a good firewall in place, this shouldn't happen.

To be able to send you spam etc, they need your email address, not generally available by someone using your Internet connection. Pop ups usually occur because you've picked up a loaded spam or trojan initiating it - thus it has to be on your computer, from something done on your computer.

The biggest danger is from someone accessing your computer without permission and picking up a trojan etc.

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