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OU container removed while server was down. Need to recover

By Hockeyist ·
We have a problem with a Netware 4.1 server (Multiple server tree)
The server was down, the go-ahead was given to remove the server and its container from the tree. The tree was cleaned up and the replica ring was cleaned up.
The server was then powered back up because it is now needed back in production. The local copy of the replica is functional and has been changed to Master. People are authenticating locally. The original context shows the removed container as an unknown object(yellow spot and question mark).

Is there a solution to recover from this situation? Can the local replica be used to restore the container back into the tree?

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by pgm554 In reply to OU container removed whil ...

Sounds like it was never removed properly in the first place.
If you removed the server from the tree properly,the object wouldn't be there in the first place.
Was that replica a partition or just a copy of the other replica's ?
What SPack.
Which version of DS?

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by Hockeyist In reply to OU container removed whil ...

The OS details are
Netware 4.11 DS ver 6.17 SPack v9.05
The container was partitioned and the server had a R/W replica. The replica on the server has since been changed to Master.
The unknown object contains the server object object (also unknown object).
The unknown object only appears when the server is powered up.

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by Net Designer In reply to OU container removed whil ...

1. Make another server to hold Master replica of the partition. Wait for NDS to synchronize
2. Remove and re-install NDS on troubled server

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by Net Designer In reply to

Don't forget to remove any replicas of any partitions from troubled server prior to implementing #2.

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by Erekose MCNE In reply to OU container removed whil ...

When the server was down, you shouldn't have deleted in from the tree in the manner that you did. How did you change the replica status? If you already had a Master and brought up this one with a Master then that will definitely mess things up. Remember 1 M and 2 R/W are minimum for a replica ring. If you are a good NDS troubleshooter this is still a tough problem. You can use the DSVIEW utility to find out why your OU is unknown and what attributes are missing. From there you can plan out your resolution to this problem. You need one healthy server in the replica ring that has all the objects from that OU. Find that server and make it the new master. Force a sync using DSTRACE commands. There are too many to list but you can find it on Novell's site. It sounds too late for that however.You may end up removing the server entirely and safely using NWadmin and NDSManager(Remove NDS from the server at the console). Wait for things to synchronize. You can force synchs with SET DSTRACE=ON SET DSTRACE=+S ,SET DSTRACE=*H SET DSTRACE=+BLINK SET DSTRACE=*B SET DSTRACE=+J SET DSTRACE=*F at the server. Using DSREPAIR -A at the server console, go to advanced options and check for external references. If you have anything other than 0 after waiting for a few minutes and they don't go away, then you have stuck obits and really messed up NDS. If you are not a CDE or at least an MCNE then call Novell.
If you get no errors then recreate the OU and wait for NDS to synch
then reinstall Directory services on the removed server and put the server in the newly recreated OU. Make sure you have licenses ready in case you need to reinstall. These are all NDS intensive tasks so you have to do it after hours. Once you have a version of NDS on your server you can use NDSManager to upgrade it to the latest from another server in the tree. Then you can play with replicas till you get what u want. Good Luck.

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