OU GPO Override is not Overriding Domain's GPO

By tsantana1 ·
Following up with class in which we are making an Google Chrome Settings Override GPO for a local group -- added it at the group level; not the higher domain level. This should override the domain's (high-level) GPO that prevents downloads, prevents incognito mode, and restrict access to This is according to Windows' Group Policy API documentation (

When looking at the group's "Group Policy Inheritance" tab in the Group Policy Management tool from the Server Manager (Wins 2012), I am seeing that the override GPO takes precedence over the previously applied restrictive settings from the higher domain policy. This is what we want.

However, when logged into a domain client -- with the credentials of the intended local group member -- the local group policy is not listed in Chrome://policy. The browser is still blocking, downloads, and the use of incognito mode.

I restarted the client computer many times and ran the gpupdate /force script and successfully updated the policy several times. I also went as far as to enforced the GPO in the inheritance table for the local group taken precedence over all other GPOs.

Nothing is happening. HELP!
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