Ouch, how to get individual files out of .deb distribution file?

By Who Am I Really ·
I have the net installer CD

and during the install it says this:

get non-free

and stick it on a floppy or USB device

well that's fine, (I not a tard)
I found what I need in a matter of minutes (including jumping back and forth across the room between systems)

however, the only format I could find it in is a complete install archive

problem is how do I get what I need out of it
I only need the one file, so far !

and the only functioning systems I have are winders XP, & 2K

wonder why the average tard won't try this

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Download VirtualBox and then load and run Debian....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Ouch, how to get individu ...

Download VirtualBox here (it works on a Windows XP system):

From there you should be able to extract the file you are looking for. :)

Instructions on how with Debian here:

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Reponse To Answer

by Who Am I Really In reply to Download VirtualBox and t ...

thanks for the info / ideas
I picked up the "e100" file without needing to open the archive
it's "attached" on this page on the site you posted:

I managed, an over 12 hours whist waiting for the net installer to fetch files
to get the install completed

however, I came up against another problem:

"Black Screen" at boot
no login dialog / prompt
no nothing
just black screen that looks like it does when shut down

apparently X doesn't like the graphics chipset
even though it's listed here:

Trident Cyberblade i1

but I couldn't find squat on how to deal with that

I booted from the installer CD into recovery mode (command line only)
but can't figure out how to stop X from choking on the hardware

if I issue the command : startx
it flashes the display with a partial screen and the text for some error,
and there's no time to read it, then it's back to black screen and no response requiring a hard power down

if I let it boot from the HDD it boots through all the hardware config screens
then the screen res. changes and a few more lines of hardware config. and then black screen

(from a CNET review page)
the specs for the hardware are:

Max Resolution:
- 1024x768

Graphics Processor / Vendor:
- AGP 2x - Trident CyberBlade i1 Shared video memory (UMA)

Supported Display Graphics:
- SXGA (1280x1024) ,
- SVGA (800x600) ,
- VGA (640x480) ,
- XGA (1024x768),

(I'm assuming external monitor for these specs here)

I may push win2K on to it to attempt to rule out any hardware fault
if winders freaks out and gives me any black screens then I'd guess it's probably fried

if not I don't know what to do with it
as I can't get all the win2K drivers for it without downloading the entire drivers sections of the HP & Compaq FTP sites
and then checking each file 1 by 1 to see if I can find anything

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Double post...

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Ouch, how to get individu ...

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