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Out look problem

By MouhammadZehim ·
Users on the network begin to report problems of messages from Outlook indicating it is sporadically losing connection to the (local) Exchange server. The only change in the environment was a switch in Internet providers and an installation of a new DSL modem/router. How would you go about diagnosing the problem(s)?

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by BFilmFan In reply to Out look problem

You would call an experienced Exchange engineer who would tell you to do your homework yourself.

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by ITgirli In reply to Out look problem

I hope you are not seriously looking to enter the IT profession. The most simple questions and yet you are too lazy to even look for answers yourself. You need to grow up and try living in the real world.

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by maxwell edison In reply to Out look problem

This is a serious situation. The entire mail system has been compromised by LostConn worm. There is no fix. You must reformat the hard drives on all the work stations AND the mail server, and then reinstall the operating systems and all applications. You'll also have to flash the BIOS on ALL those computers to prevent it from happening again.

And hey, don't listen to those guys giving you a hard time. We're here to help, you know. So follow my advice and you'll be fine.

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by Jaqui In reply to Out look problem

now Max,
you know that the only real solution is to switch to a real os.
get openbsd and install on every machine.
otherwise these problems will constantly crop up.

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