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Out of date IT text books, study guides, reference books

By CG IT ·
what does everyone do with their old outdated text books, reference books and the lot?

Here in the US, text books can't be recycled due to the glue used for backing,or so I've heard. That leaves recycling out. I thought of donating them, but everywhere I go, I get turned down. Ebay hasn't turned up any offers on them, not surprising. Heck the cost of shipping them makes em to expensive even if I were to give them away.

These are W2K [AD,Exchange,DNS, and old cisco text books [some 5 to 10 years old and their destined for the landfill. But before I toss em,and there's a LOT of them, thought I'd solicit other ideas if anyone has em.

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I keep mine

by dawgit In reply to Out of date IT text books ...

They won't be making them any more...
And some are down right hard to find... Win2K, is still in use over here (as is WINNT) not as much as it once was, but... Exactly when one needs something. So, I keep the books.
Also I'm seeing a lot of so called 'new' things that just look awfully familiar, I snoop through the old books, and yup, it's been done.
I'm partial to books anyway, they become like friends, and I know they'll be there when I need them too.
(Mine go back to DOS, and from there up. :) And in Linux back to the 2.0 kernel. BTW)

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you pay the shipping to Germany you can have em.

by CG IT In reply to I keep mine

lol :)

Got rid of the NT server certification books last week [landfill].

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by Jaqui In reply to Out of date IT text books ...

it can and is done to them.

heck, who knows, you might even wind up with them back in your possession, as toilet paper.

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well, I've called around here in the US, no one wants em

by CG IT In reply to recycle

hate to send em to the landfill though. The recylers around Los Angeles simply say, landfill.

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by Bapster In reply to well, I've called around ...

I cleaned out my IT closet this morning.

I had about 10 older (thick) reference books, I took them to my local, public library, and they were thrilled to take them.

Of course, I live in a small town, in a somewhat rural region.

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by Jaqui In reply to well, I've called around ...

the garbage we put into our landfill bin, goes to a sorting center and if anything is recyclable it gets recycled. only that which is bidegradable actually gets into the landfill, and we have a "garden waste" bin for that.

and "blue boxes" for paper, cans, plastic bottles and glass.

all free from the city.
and all picked up by the city service.

and I know they recycle books, up here. and we get the book from the exact same source you do. they have the same glue used in them.

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well anyone wants to pay the shipping, be glad to send them

by CG IT In reply to well, I've called around ...

there's 33 of em and a box set for W2K MCSA certification [which I used for MCSE cert]. A couple of Cisco CCNP books [circa 2001].

The libraian in the City I live didn't ought right laugh at me, but did laugh...

note: 99.1% are hard cover tomes. the weight probably is a good 175-200 lbs ...

overseas book rating on a boat, you'd probably get them after the new year [lol]and with the Euro/Dollar ... have no idea what it would cost to ship...

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Don't have to recycle...

by dwdino In reply to recycle

... for that.

Rip and use.
1 page per pass.


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not plumbing friendly

by CG IT In reply to Don't have to recycle...
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You're a better man than I am, Gunga Din. No text.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Don't have to recycle...

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