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Out of Memory on IIS 5.0

By rredman ·
I have a Compaq Prosignia 740, 450Mhz, 1GB RAM running IIS 5.0 for an intranet which essentially does nothing more than run reports. The reports run queries on a RS/6000. These reports were run on NT 4.0 previously and we didn't have this constantout of memory condition.

The W2K server & IIS 5.0 needs to be rebooted probably twice per week. We ran perf mon with alert with memory & pages/sec counter and set the counter at 20. There were constant notifications of paging above 20. When you look at the available memory there is over 850MB. Memory useage is around 90 to 120MB.

Anyone had this kind of problem with W2K & IIS 5.0?

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Out of Memory on IIS 5.0

by DC1 In reply to Out of Memory on IIS 5.0

We use MSMQ for an application and we will occasionaly see the service in Task Manager utilize 1.4 GIG of memory (Servers have 2 gig) and the MSMQ service needs to be stopped and restarted. Try to figure out what process is using the majority of your memory via task manager next time it happens. Also make sure that your code which worked under NT4 is compatable with NT5.

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Out of Memory on IIS 5.0

by matthew.wade In reply to Out of Memory on IIS 5.0

You may want to check and see what level of performance tuning your site is set to. The value is modifed by opening the Properties for your site and choosing the Performance tab. The default level is 10,000 or less. If it is set at this level, try bumping it up to the "More than 100,000" level. This will significantly improve your performance.

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Out of Memory on IIS 5.0

by rredman In reply to Out of Memory on IIS 5.0

I need to add some clarifying info to my question. First, we are not running Active Directory so tuning a site will not be available. Second, I am not running out of memory. The server acts like it is running out of memory. When i get the out ofmemory condition, there is plenty of available memory. If I run perf mon with the Memory - pages/sec condition and the threshhold at 20, the server seems to be excessively paging which is an indicator of not enough RAM. It is a strange problem, but that's what makes this business so frustrating and interesting at the same time. It may be that the scripts we are running are not optimized for NT5. They are the same NT4 scirpts. We will be updating the scripts, but we have to update as we test the new NT5 scripts. It is a production box. Is this info any help?

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