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Hi all,

The automatic replies sent by one user is not working as intended.

Senders will get multiple OoO replies when they should only receive ONE even if said sender is a member of many distribution lists. I've tried switching this off/on when managing the user from ECP but this didn't work at all. When turned off, no OoO reply is sent. When I turned it back on, the same unwanted behaviour persists. I can only guess that the user created some rule but from ECP, I cannot substantiate this guess.

Another peculiar thing I noticed is that when I attempt to send an email to this user, I don't see any MailTip in my Outlook Client at all and the user's status is that he/she is "Away (5 hours)" This should read "Out of Office (5 hours)"

I was also flabbergasted as to why there are little to no resources on this issue anywhere online so I was hoping someone here can shed some light, please help!


Exchange server 2010 on Server 2008 R2 Enterprise
Outlook 2013 on Windows 7, 64bit

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by fnanfne In reply to Out of Office - Automatic ...

Damn, it's a really slow day here innit?! Still NO replies/any help?!

Anyway, I've resolved this issue...

The user enabled an automatic reply rule (this rule was not present/visible in EPC) in addition to enabling Out of Office through the Assistant. There is a "Rule" button at the bottom left of the "Automatic Replies -" window.

The user went in here, clicked on "Add Rule", then clicked the checkbox called "Reply with" and then he/she chose and created a template.

In addition, he/she also populated the "Automatic Replies -" window with his/her OoO reply. This created two emails in every case. The rule/template kept on sending OoO emails and I think this is a poor show. The OoO Assistant intelligently knows to only send one such auto-reply.

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