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Out of range monitor refresh rate error

By Oz_Media ·
I recently installed a used XP system for mom, a while back I was given one of Daewoo's higher end LCD screens too.

The screen was fine when she was learning on an oldbox running Win98 but now, P4 with XP Pro, it keeps having out of range errors. (Already updated drivers too.)

I tried it with and without the 64MB NVidia card installed, changed refresh rates a few times to rates that were seemingly 'in range' etc. but still get the issue, not always but intermittently.
It also seems to interrupt/crash games, once in a while.

Sometimes turning teh system on just shows an out of range error and needs restarting a couple of times. Other times it will show an error but boot anyway. Tried what Daewoo suggests on their website, to no avail.

Any ideas? Many thanks for your 2 cents.

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Try these suggestions

by Jacky Howe In reply to Out of range monitor refr ...
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Thanks for your reply

by Oz_Media In reply to Try these suggestions

I have tried all teh basics as noted by MS, but I didn't play with the DX refreshrate, worth a shot i guess but its not just gaming, its simply turnign it on, where the LCD shows out of range errors.

But I'll try the DX changes too, thanks again for your input.

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Make sure

by Jacky Howe In reply to Thanks for your reply

that you are running at 60 Hertz under list all Modes. Try setting it at 1024x768. You didn't say what size the Monitor is and do you have another Monitor to test with as it may be a problem with the Monitor itself.

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In my experience

by szester112000 In reply to Out of range monitor refr ...

The problem has 90% been the monitor and not the pc with the above symptoms.

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Old card?

by XnavyDK In reply to Out of range monitor refr ...

newer monitors especially wide screen freak out older cards depending on the supported refresh rate and resolution supported by the monitor even the MB can be a factor. I noticed you mentioned a 64mb nvidia. Can you give full model # please of all three components? MB video and monitor. Also the dx version will help. Newer DX version and older cards don't play well very good either sometimes.

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