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Out sourcing in sourcing

By zlitocook ·
Alot of companies are still doing this. Out sourceing to other countries. There is talk of putting programmers on a cruse ship in international waters to avoid the H visa rule. But there are companies here in the US that doing the same thing. They take over most or all of IT, install a controlled image and use help desk and remote in from where ever they are. And employ a few people on site or on call to fix what they can not do over the Internet.
This is getting real close to the sci-fi books with people being controlled and watched by a computer.
What will happen to the people who love to work on computers? And like working with people, will we become the secondary interface that removes the bad computer and installs the new computer?
What do you think about out sourcing and IT lossing jobs?

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Jobs aren't being lost

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Out sourcing in sourcing

they are being re-distributed. We have to be able to compete, seeing as we can't really do that on salary due to our eastern colleagues basic standard of living, we have to offer more where offshore outsourcing fails or shift to a different environment, any sort of protectionism is n't going to solve anything. Making a profit is far more important than patriotism, nationalism etc. You might disagree with that, but the guys who maximise shareholder value do not.

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