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By lilthrill ·
I have three exchange 2003 servers, server x, server y, server z. Server x is configured to send all external mail from server y and server z. Server y is able to send mail externally through server x but server z isn't.
When I do a message tracking I get ?the message is routed and queued for remote delivery? and an NDR is returned with error 4.4.7. Server z was able to send mail externally a few days ago. What could be the problem?

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Need more info

by RaymondJM4 In reply to outbound mail

Are you performing this with the SMTP settings or routing groups?

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More info

by lilthrill In reply to Need more info

All servers are in the same routing group and I'm using connectors to push mail through to server x. Mail from server z only gets delivered externally when I bounce the server.

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Ephemeral ports

by RaymondJM4 In reply to More info

I had a similar problem but it was with the NAT setup on the router. I had all of the ports blocked except for port 25. Even though the router was for the internet connection it blocked the epheneral ports needed to communication on the Lan. Like you it would only work after a reboot.
The quickest way to know if this is the case for you is to open internet explorer after mail stops flowing. If you can't access a public web site you have the same problem. Also, try to remote into another server from server z. If you can't do it, then you definately have the same problem. Epheneral ports incrament each time a connection is made until they run out. In most cases the first port will timeout and reset before the last one is used. I ahd this problem with Cisco 2600 series routers.
The easy fix for this is to add a second IP address to the server that is not NATed. This way the server can use the unNATed address for communications and the NATed IP address for recieving mail.
If this is not the case for you, then let me know if your getting any errors in the event log. You may need to increase the diagnostic monitoring level for server Z and X.

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Its not the Ports

by lilthrill In reply to Ephemeral ports

I got got another exchange server right next to server z that is able to send external mail through server x. I have increased diagnostic monitoring on all servers and still not getting any out of the ordinary event logs.

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