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Whenever I edit my mails already in outbox, I cannot send again even If I try to send individually.

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Firstly you should not be trying to edit Sent items

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to OUTBOX MAIL

They are your Legal Recourse if anything goes wrong and you get a visit from the feds for an e-mail that you are supposed to have sent.

You should be creating new e-mails to send to whom ever it is required but never edit any sent E-Mails as you them loose the ability to prove that you didn't actually sent that E-Mail claiming to be Ossama and threating to kill the president.

While wildly over the top it also could be some supposed company secrets that where sent and has resulted in Legal Action against yourself or any number of other things that require a stored list of sent E-Mails.

If you really must you can cut & Paste from a Sent E-Mail to a new one and then send from there but you should never attempt to edit sent e-mails unless you have something to hide.


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Are these mails in the Outbox or the Sent folder?

by NickNielsen In reply to OUTBOX MAIL

If they are in the Sent folder, Hal is absolutely correct: you should not be editing these.

If the messages are in the Outbox, they have not yet been sent.
* In Outlook and Outlook Express, you must move the message to the Drafts folder before you can edit; this ensures that Outlook will not be trying to send the message while you are trying to edit.
* Thunderbird allows you to right click on the message and "Edit as New." However, if you leave the original message in the Outbox, it will be sent, as will your edited message.

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