Outer Join in Access

By ddean1965 ·
I see that Access is mentioned and I have an Access question. Can you help?I set up an outer join comparing 2 tables in Access. I followed the MS Access Manual, though, this is my first experience using Access since I have only worked with IBM DB2 in the past. Where can I read more on how to setup Access for outer joins correctly? My test set is small and I know I have rows in one table but not in another and they are not being selected when I run the outer join select statement. PS. I was demoing Access and if this worked, I would have purchased a copy but my trial time expired. I was helping a friend. Thanks ahead of time!

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Here's a good site I've used when looking for

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to Outer Join in Access

solutions to Access problems....they have a good tutorial & lots of should help you become familiar with Access.

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Thanks Darryl

by ddean1965 In reply to Here's a good site I've u ...

I will give it a try, will let you know if I figure it out. How is the sport fishing in your area. I have a boat, fish Lake Erie for some nice walleyes but always wanted to visit Nova Scotia some day.. Thanks again!

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RE: Fishing

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to Thanks Darryl

The lakes are pretty good for trout up to about 15-16 inches...rivers & brooks a little smaller.
Atlantic Salmon so-so in some rivers but quite expensive for non-resident licenses.
A lot of Bass all along the Bay of Fundy (fish from shore).
Mackerel is plentiful all along the coast & you don't have to go out too far so a small boat is fine.
Over in PEI & along the south shore of NS you can go deep sea fishing for Tuna, Swordfish, etc.

I don't do much fishing....I just like to buy it fresh & eat it :)

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by ddean1965 In reply to RE: Fishing

Thanks for the info. I will keep this for when I get to Nova Scotia some day. I will try the trout for sure.

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Just switch to sql view

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Outer Join in Access

and type the bugger in. It will be join syntax not =+.

Onec you've done that if you are really curious switch back to design view. The Gui is a bit unintuitive for those of us who just batter away with that old fashioned text type stuff.

Collapse - true Tony....

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to Just switch to sql view

That's just too funny 'cause I do exactly that at work when talking/explaining to co-workers....That's usually what I do also....I just wanted to point out options...

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First time I used the damn thing

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to true Tony ...

I spent fifteen minutes trying to find distinct. Found View SQL View while trawling through menu options. That'll do me fine. I write better SQL than it does anyway....

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