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Outline reason for applying for the role.

By Wizard-09 ·
I am being asked the above, any ideas the reason I am going for this new job is because I don't like my current employment any help would be great again lol :)

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OK, here's a few suggestions and you'll have to tailor

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Outline reason for applyi ...

to suit your situation.

You used to do some work there and really loved working in that environment and would like to go back to working there. (I just moved this one into first place as I think it's the best one.)

If it's closer to you or easier travel, list that as a reason - forget it if it's worse.

You've done all you can in your current job and have no opportunity for improving yourself in the current job while this one offers that.

You're seeking a more challenging job, and this offers that through the higher level of interaction with different people.

You like interacting with people and this offers a higher level of interaction.

Things are slowing in your existing work and the indications are they'll be laying off some of the more recent employees, so you're seeking to move on before you have to. NB: make sure you can sort of back this up - that is, don't say it if it's an outright lie. but in the current economic situation it applies to most places.

Hope they give you some ideas. best if you can line up a couple.

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What would I do without you guys

by Wizard-09 In reply to OK, here's a few suggesti ...

Thanks again :)

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Don't forget THEY advertised the job ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to What would I do without y ...

So, in all reality it is unlikely that you'd have an application form if weren't for them advertising the vacancy.

Assuming the post WAS advertised!

If it was advertised you can pamper their ego slightly saying how happy you are to apply. How you'd really like an opportunity to work FOR them, and how the advert gave you the chance.

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by Wizard-09 In reply to Don't forget THEY adverti ...

I feel that I have the skills and knowledge required to fulfil the job role, the job advertisement is attractive to me as it requires a person with skills in Windows XP, Windows Server and Citrix all to which I have experience in. This role will offer me the opportunity to build on my strengths and enable me to become the best I.T Engineer I can. I feel that the company offers me this opportunity and in return I can offer the company my in depth experience I have built up over the years.

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That works

by shasca In reply to Thoughts?

What you just wrote is an excellent answer to the question.

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Thanks (nt)

by Wizard-09 In reply to That works
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that sounds very good to me

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Thoughts?

you can never use too much butter, but you have to watch out if it turns brown.

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by Wizard-09 In reply to that sounds very good to ...

So I have not touched the brown then lol

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Yeah, you're OK with what you said.

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Butter

A little bit of buttering up always does good, but when it goes over into brown nosing they detect that and it counts heavily against you, in most cases.

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At all costs, avoid any possibility of ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Thoughts?

Being identified as a conniving, snivelling, self-serving, ingratiating, arse-licking, brown-nosing, little worm.

That won't help at all !! :^0

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