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    Outllook 2003 – Corrupt Navigation Pane


    by dvittum@vittumconsulting ·

    In the process of converting an old outlook.pst file to the OL 2003 format Personal Folders file I apparently prematurely removed the old pst file without closing it. Now, the new folder displays properly in the Navigation Pane and the program functions perfectly … except that the old Personal Folders file (outlook.pst) displays in all for the folder views on the Navigation Pane. It is impossible to access the old file(it doesn’t exist anymore), but it is also impossible to close it or otherwise remove it from the Navigation Pane. I tried opening Outlook 2003 using the command line /resetnavpane switch, but the old files continue to show up in the Navigation Pane. QUESTION: How can I get the now non-existent pst file from displaying in the Navigation Pane? Am I stuck with it there forever?

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