Outllook 2003 Error handling email from a valid sender

By qut ·
I am using outlook 2003 and have a problem receiving a particular email from a valid sender. I suspect outlook is treating the email as a virus - as all I receive is the email header information followed by non-text code.

I receive other text messages from this sender fine. The email being sent is an automatically generated email and contains a document in pdf format. I receive pdf's from other sender's fine. Also, I can read the mail in my webmail fine. My work around is to forward on the email to myself in my webmail and then outlook receives the message just fine.

I temporarily removed my anti-virus to make sure the problem was not associated with the anti-virus software but still the message is treated as a virus therefore suggesting the problem lies in outlook. I have attempted to set a number of security settings in outlook but resulting in no change to the way the email is handled.

I was wondering if any one has a suggestion as to what might be happening and what can I do to receive the email in outlook with out having to intercept the email at my webmail.

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Have you updated Adobe Reader?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Outllook 2003 Error handl ...

What version of Adobe Reader do you have installed? Have you updated it? Have you tried uninstalling all versions/updates for Adobe Reader and then downloading the most recent version to reinstall?

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