Outllook 2007 Data File Check

I've been working on this problem for some time. I have several end-users who are running Outlook 2003 & 2007 on a Windows SBS 2003 domain (exchange 2003). Almost everytime they open Outlook the program begins a data file integrity check. I experience this myself occasionally (Vista Ultimate/Office 2007) but not with the regulariryof these end-users.

I've tried disabling add-in's, uninstalling google search, uninstalling Microsoft Search, and am about to uninstall Spam Bully Anti-Spam (I'd really rather not).

I've spent a few hours on this over the last week or so. It nothing pressing but the DFC is getting on peoples nerves and they on mine.

Has anyone seen this? Has anyone resolved it? If so, how?

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I've seen this

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to Outllook 2007 Data File C ...

happening on my own computer over the past few years, it all started in Outlook 2003 & I'm still getting it 2007.

This is what I've narrowed down.
If I don't empty my deleted items before logging out of Windows but instead let them get deleted automatically when Outlook shuts down, I will get the "checking data file" 100% of the time next time I open Outlook.

I sometimes get it if I don't shut down Outlook before logging out of Windows.

I've reduced the size of the data file & it doesn't happen as often (I have a lot of saved the end-users have a lot as well?). My wife's account has absoultly no problem at all & she doesn't have as much email & contacts saved.

I haven't bothered to do it yet, but when I get around to it I was going to save all my email off to another location & create a new data file, I figure that way it should be brand new & empty....I shouldn't see the "checking data file" issue if that fixed the problem.

I did a quick search to see if there was anything on the web for a fix...check this out.

I wouldn't mind getting this fixed myself, let me know if you find the problem.

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doesn't work

by ACGPHX In reply to I've seen this

I tired the empty Deleted Items, Spam folder, unsure folder, and junk mail folders some time ago but they didn't have much of an effect on the problem.

The issue stems from the Outlook.exe executable not shutting down properly after Outlook is closed. Thats why I think something is holding that file open for some reason when I seek to exit.

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Already knew this

by ACGPHX In reply to This might help

Its fairly obvious that the issue stems from OUTLOOK.EXE still running after Outlook is closed. That's why I disabled/uninstalled several add-ins. I appreciate the suggestion, but this solution treats the symptom and not the problem.

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Outlook Data Check...Any more suggestions?

by ACGPHX In reply to Outllook 2007 Data File C ...

I'm really curious to find out if anyone managed to successfully rid themselves of this issue.

The Data File Check issue when opening Outlook 2007 will grow to a larger issue on my network as more end users move to office 2007.

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This Might Be The Answer

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to Outlook Data Check...Any ...

I came across this information, it might be the solution. I have the same problem & would like to solve it.

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