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Outlook 03 reply to plain text in HTML?

By pbtoms ·
We have a standard signature for our firm including a graphic logo, so it is obviously in HTML format. They want it to go on replies and forwards, too, not just new messages. If a message comes in that is plain text, Outlook defaults to plain text in reply or forward, so the signature is screwed up. Is there any way to get Outlook to use HTML format for replies, regardless of the original message format? I know OE will do it, but it appears Outlook will not. Please tell me I'm just missing something! I know we can CHANGE the format to HTML, but by that point the signature is already shot because it started out in plain text. I need it to DEFAULT to HTML for everything. Is that possible?

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by LeeKW In reply to Outlook 03 reply to plain ...

Did you manage to solution the matter? Thanks

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Did you get any reply on this matter ?

by guy.vago In reply to Outlook 03 reply to plain ...
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by jayotech In reply to Outlook 03 reply to plain ...

I am having the same issue. I need Outlook 2003 to default to HTML when replying/forwarding a plain text message.

Can anyone out there please help?

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by pdoelle In reply to

The format of your reply (i.e., plain text or HTML) will mirror the format of the email you are replying to. It could very well be that the original sender may not be able to see HTML-formatted messages, or perhaps doesn't want to. In any case, I consider it a considerate gesture to reply in kind.

That said, there are third-party add-ons that allow you to control this default reply behaviour. For example,


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by todd.sinclair In reply to Outlook 03 reply to plain ...

Regardless of what format you send the email in if the recipent reads their email in text only it will appear in text only. Your best bet is to make sure you html email doesn't look to sloppy in text format.

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pdoelle's response works!

by morpheus In reply to Outlook 03 reply to plain ...

I installed the add-in recommended by pdoelle and it does exactly what the OP wants.

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