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Outlook 2000

By mslonecker ·
I have a couple of users when saving in Outlook do not automatically go to their default drive on the network.
I have checked Word and Excel they are both showing the correct option for their default drive.
Is there somewhere in Outlook you can manually set this option?

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by wsiliezar In reply to Outlook 2000

If you're talking about having a default location for the .pst file, then this link should answer your question.

If this is not what you're looking for, please explain your question a little better.

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by mslonecker In reply to Outlook 2000

When these users are saving an attached file the Save In location is not going to their default area on the network.

In Word and Excel this is an option that you can modify the file location. I am not able to find this option in Outlook.

Let me know if you need any further details.

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by twobordercollies In reply to Outlook 2000

I believe you are referring to the default folder that appears when they are trying to save an attachment. You know, we have searched HIGH and low and there is no where in Outlook to change the default save location like there is in Word and Excel. So, we started making it a training issue. When they click the save button they need to choose the location to save it.

The only thing I haven't looked into is changing the registry settings but it seemed much easier to trainer people that to try to do that for the entire company.

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by twobordercollies In reply to

After reviewing your comment, I played around with a couple of attachments. There are three ways to save an attachement:

You can right-click on the attachment, select Save As and it points to the correct folder.

You can double-click the attachment, click the Save button and it points to the correct folder.

BUT, If you open the attachement and then do a File, Save As it points to an OLK folder.

I found the above to be true for Word and Excel attachments. Open pdf attachments point to the correct folder when you select save.

Maybe your employees are using different methods?

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by mslonecker In reply to Outlook 2000

This is what I am talking about. It seems weird that the majority of our Outlook users default to the correct network drive, but there is a handful that seems to default incorrectly.

I appreciate you help with this, if by chance you come across any more information please let me know.

Thanks again

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by wkeith1 In reply to Outlook 2000

If you open an attatchment in Outlook that you want to save, the default location for 'save as' is an OLK?? folder. OLK Folders are Located at 'Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\OLK??'

The '??' in 'OLK??' are randomly generated alphanumeric characters to make it difficult for worms viruses to hard code to location, per MS

Explorer interface doesn?t provide access to the above path as such
OLK Folders Contain Attachments that are opened in Outlook
Placed there temporarily when opened in Outlook by registered application
Save As will, by default, save to the OLK folder and not My Documents, thus many users will save to this location unknowingly and won?t be able to find them with Explorer.

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