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    Outlook 2000 “Access is denied”


    by chempac ·

    We are running an NT server with Outlook 2000. I have added a new user and given a user name, password, etc. The server accepts her log on, and we are able to access the internet through when the user logs on, but are unable to access Outlook 2000.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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      Outlook 2000 “Access is denied”

      by tchieng ·

      In reply to Outlook 2000 “Access is denied”

      I could be complete wrong… but it sounds like you’re running Outlook 2000 from a shared drive on a NT server. If that’s the case… she doesn’t have permission to access that shared folder. You can modify the access list for that shared folder using “Server Manager” from the Administrative Tools menu.

      If I’ve mis-interpreted your question, please give more detail and I will try again… Good luck.

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