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    Outlook 2000 and Attachments


    by steve.bouse ·

    Windows 2000 SR3 and Office 2000 SP3-emails (and preview) are very slow to open when messages have attachments (ok with no attachment). Is there something I can configure. User does have offline folder configured–and he is on a dialup/thru a NortelVPN. Any help appreciated-found nothing on Technet. Thanks. Steve Bouse/

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      Outlook 2000 and Attachments

      by mike mullins ·

      In reply to Outlook 2000 and Attachments

      The problem is with the offline folder.
      When using offline folders, outlook downloads mail (in preview mode) to the local folder before rendering to the user. This includes attachments (since they are included as part of the message).

      If you have them create a mail profile that does not have preview and offline folders, there speed will increase dramatically.

      good luck,

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