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Outlook 2000 and VPN

By nplitt ·
I have users who are trying to synchronize while they are connected via VPN. The synchronization process hangs at Security Settings and they must press "esc" to exit. Meanwhile they cannot synchronize completely. Does anyone know the solution. It is only happening to the VPN (Fast internet connection) users in the field, modem/SID and Exranet users are not experiencing this problem.

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VPN Dialin Users

by zachary.crawford In reply to Outlook 2000 and VPN

I would either check out Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - Q222936 to see if there are some considerations. Some questions:

1) What is the operating system that you are using?
2) Is there are certain VPN client that you are using, perhaps bya company like Nortel, Cisco, or AT&T?
3) When you say "Fast internet connection", do you mean that they are accessing it through a DSL modem or cable modem?
4) If you using any kind of Palm Pilot to synchronize, assuming that you have HotSync installed on your Outlook 2000 desktop, you should be able to HotSync to it by connecting to your LAN using VPN and then performing a network HotSync from your Palm. Of course you'll need to leave your PC on. There are instructions for performing a network hotsync in Palm's support pages and most of the Palm user manuals. I also included a link to one of a bunch of how-tos that can be found on the net.

I have heard of problems with Cisco VPN using Outlook 2000. Please take these into consideration and let me know how these work for you.

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Similar problem

by mikegrobusky In reply to VPN Dialin Users

I have 2 LAN to LAN vpn's using Symantec routers. Both ends have ADSL connections with good speed (128kbps+) Remote Outlook 2000 clients can't connect via the VPN's to the W2K Exch2K server.
Network file copy and Terminal Services work OK.
Can also ping server via DNS. (ping srv1)

Anyone have any comments?

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by apluspcnet In reply to Similar problem

Just want to make sure that AD is not installed on the Exchange machine. Because I have come across problems with trying to RRAS on a DC! I could logon on but not connect to resources. So, if you are trying to VPN onto the exchange server, directly, make sure it is not a DC. Part of the reason is log on locally. Also, another question is the VPN also on a machine with ICS? Cuz the two don't play together.

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AD is on Exchange server

by mikegrobusky In reply to

The server is running SBS 2000 and is the root of the domain.
The situation you describe has happened to me if the server is out of licenses.

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Original Problem

by nplitt In reply to VPN Dialin Users

It is a AT&T VPN Client using DSL and T1 LINES. The users were fine before we moved their mailboxes to another exchange server. Now when they are synchronizing their outlook mailboxes it hangs and stops responding when it get's to Outlook securitysettings. Users whose mailboxes were moved also but are using SDI and Extranet do not have this problem.

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