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    Outlook 2000 Crash


    by telman349 ·

    My Outlook 2000 has crashed and I cannot get it to restart. I have tried rebooting numerous times with no results. Finally, after backing up my email files, I tried uninstalling and re-installing. This is not working because it appears that the unsinstall is not completely working because when I open Outlook after the “fresh” install, the emails that were there before the crash are still there. The screen opens in a reduced size and when I try to click to maximize it, or any other part of the screen it just sits there locked up. I get a “this program (outlook) is not responding” error message. I have three email accounts tied into my outlook and desperately need to solve this problem. I have thought about buying Office 2003 if that would help. PLEASE HELP !!!!!!

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      by telman349 ·

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      You can try Thunderbird

      by hal 9000 ·

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      Available here

      It will work perfectly well as an E-Mail Client with much better security than Outlook and you can set it to accept incoming mail from as many different sources as you like


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