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Outlook 2000 login password

By bill.hult ·
Whenever I check e-mail outlook always asks for the email login and password. I have checked remember password and outlook still asks for the password to the mail account. Any ideas as to where I can set this up to remember the password. I have beenall through outlook setup to see if there is another area that needs to be setup to remember the password.

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Outlook 2000 login password

by vinh.le In reply to Outlook 2000 login passwo ...


I can only think of two possibilities. One if you are part of a company network, requiring login to domain, then most likely the credential you're using is not authenticating.

However the best bet is to check the Outlook properties. You should closed Outlook completely before performing the following steps.
1. Right-Click on the Outlook icon on your desktop and select Properties.
2. Select Microsoft Exchange Server, then click on Properties.
3. Select the Advanced tab, then checkthe setting for Logon Network Security: ??? should be "NT Password Authentication"

Hope this help.

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Outlook 2000 login password

by captncrunch In reply to Outlook 2000 login passwo ...

if the problem is with your company corporate mail
verify your usernsme and password info in the pab (public address book )with your system administrator then go to your control panel click on mail check your personal folders(the place outlook sends and recieves mail) then open outlook highlight microsoft mail verify post office path click apply then exit and log off then reopen outlook if its an internet mail acount open outlook go to tools services highlight internet mail and click on properties make sure all instaces of username and password are the same last reesort for internet mail contact your isp or mail host

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Outlook 2000 login password

by Net_Tech In reply to Outlook 2000 login passwo ...

i agree that if Outlook is being used on a company network then it was probably set up as Corporate Workgroup (CW. You can verify this by clicking help on the Outlook toolbar, then "about Microsoft Outlook". If it is CW, then you will find it helpful not to bypass the login to the computer but to fill in user name, password, and domain. When it says it cannot find the domain, click Okay, not cancel. This will set your security ID for Outlook. Outlook sets this on every computer to protect your privacy.

This will enable you to log directly into Outlook without having to be asked for a password, etc.

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Outlook 2000 login password

by bill.hult In reply to Outlook 2000 login passwo ...

As stated in my question I had already gone through the Outlook 2000 setup and e-mail accounts setup. I neglected to say which operating system. I am using XP and I found an article on the Microsoft help site that resolves the e-mail password problem. Article is Q264672.
This might be of help to some future questions.
Bill Hult

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