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Outlook 2000 + MS Mail sometimes fail

By Peter Kovacs ·
I have a NT 4.0 Server, MS Mail (for the office emails) and SMTP/POP3 proxy (for the outside emails) on it. The clients are Outlook 2000's.

SOMETIMES an email bounces back from the server to the client (it happened to almost all clients), declaring that it is undeliverable, there is no assigned service to that type of message.
What is interesting is the email should have gone directly to the SMTP proxy, but the response error mail is from the MS Mail (because it is Rich Text, it has the name of "System Administrator", etc.)
The mail proxy was working, the mail server also.
I couldnt determine any systematic reason in the appearing of the errors. While this happens, other clients dont have any problem.

I also saw this error on a standalone Outlook 98 with direct dialup service to the ISP. The SMTP server was up and running, Outlook was configured to that server, but after sending emails from outbox they immediately appeared in inbox, as errors from System administrator in rich text (not from the

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Outlook 2000 + MS Mail sometimes fail

by suemvp In reply to Outlook 2000 + MS Mail so ...

There are a couple of things worth looking at. One is the order of services in Tools | Options | Delivery. Generally, with an external Internet service, you want to make sure it's at the top of the delivery order.

Another is the order in which address books are searched in Tools | Services | Addressing. If there's the chance of duplicate names between the user's Contacts and the postoffice address list, you need to think about which list is the more likely to have the name that the user really wants.

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Outlook 2000 + MS Mail sometimes fail

by Peter Kovacs In reply to Outlook 2000 + MS Mail so ...

The problem remained unsolved.

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