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    Outlook 2000 POP3 Connectifity Issues


    by jeanem ·

    Some of our users get an error message when they press F5 or “send/Receive” buttom in the Outlook 2000. The error message is:

    “The POP3 server name you specified cannot be found. Please check the name and try again”

    The POP3 server name is correct and the Internet connection is fine. The user needs to restart Outlook 2000, or sometimes need to restart the Windows to solve the problem.

    Thru the command line, we can ping the server and also access it.

    Any help would be appreciated

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      Is this webmail servers

      by mitgat ·

      In reply to Outlook 2000 POP3 Connectifity Issues

      is this a webmail server because if it is the UNC
      is sometimes different

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      Multi Faceted Problem

      by nicholasclayg ·

      In reply to Outlook 2000 POP3 Connectifity Issues

      Hi, This has been very problematic through my firm, and although the only known fix is to restart and it works fine. But let me ask a few Q’s Does your ISP require you to authenticate when you connect to their server?
      Most times just authenticating when you connected to their network is
      sufficient and you don’t need to specify username and password to also
      authenticate to their mail servers. Sometimes you do.

      Are the mail servers on the same network as your ISP?
      That is, are you
      using their on-network servers or are you trying to use off-network servers?

      Does Outlook Express work with the same mail servers?

      Do you have anti-virus software that is scanning outbound (and maybe
      inbound) e-mail? What happens if you disable it?

      Do you use personal firewall software (or a cable/DSL modem that has a
      firewall)? Can you connect if you disable it? Do you have inbound or
      outbound ICMP traffic blocked?

      Are you behind a firewall on a corporate network so you need to specify a
      proxy to get out to the mail servers?

      By the way, pinging a server only verifies that the host specified responds.
      POP3 servers use port 110 and SMTP servers use port 25 but ping doesn’t use
      a port (it sits at the same level as IP and uses ICMP; see RFC 792 at So although you
      can ping the server and get a response, that doesn’t mean that particular
      server has the POP3 and SMTP servers running on it.

      If you can answer these, I can hunt the problem down pretty quick. Generally speaking, if you are running exchange, it seems to happen alot more often than just running outlook 2k on its own-

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