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    Outlook 2000 Public Calendar setup


    by mcse75 ·

    I am attempting to set up a calendar so that all staff can see each other’s schedule to help co-ordinate meeting times and prevent confusion about when staff are on-site and when they will be returning

    I require users to be able to add an appointment, and for other staff to be able to view it. All appointment should also show up in ‘Outlook Today,’ with a listing of what staff are in the office that day and which are not.

    I would also, if possible, like this calendar to be available through outlook web access.

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      Outlook 2000 Public Calendar setup

      by kim.huston ·

      In reply to Outlook 2000 Public Calendar setup

      First, someone is selected to “own” the shared calendar. This person has permission to make entries, change entries and delete entries for ANYONE that shares the calendar. We will call this person OWNER. At OWNER’s Outlook, permission will be granted for the group to enter OWNER’s Mailbox (not OWNER’s Inbox, so mail is still private) and view the Shared Calendar. To do that, OWNER first creates the shared calendar. Click View, then Folder List and a list of OWNER’s folders opens up. We are going to add the shared calendar to that list as a new folder. Next, we are going to add the new shared calendar to the OWNER’s folders list, by highlighting the OWNER’s Mailbox (one mouse click) and right-clicking to display a menu of choices. Slide down the menu until New folder is highlighted and click that selection. That opens a window where the shared calendar name is entered and the type of folder, Appointment Items in this case, is selected. Click OK to close the Create New Fo

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