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    Outlook 2000/XP Lockdown


    by amadeus hack ·

    We currently run policies on all end-user workstations @ the company I work for, unless we permit it through policies, we do not let users access the internet. Some of users have found out that you can access the internet through Outlook 2000/XP by accessing favorites on the toolbar. I was wondering if anyone might know how to lock down this down Outlook 2000/XP or know of any good resources for locking down Outlook 2000/XP. I appreciate any/all suggestions on this one because I am stumped.


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      Close the Port

      by carlosirivera ·

      In reply to Outlook 2000/XP Lockdown

      If you don’t want anyone accessing the internet, disable the port at the firewall or put the workstations behind a proxy.

      If you are using policies because you let some users access the internet and not others, then I would suggest MS Proxy server. It will allow you to create a group of users who are authorized to access the Internet.
      Good luck!

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