Outlook 20003 hanging

By The Weekly Geek ·
On every person I have upgraded from Outlook Express or any previous version of Outlook to Outlook 2003 I (they) experiance a terrible "hang". Outlook.exe hangs the system constantly.
When it opens it takes from 1 minute to 10 minutes to open.
Every email when opened for the first time taked 30 seconds to 2 minutes, once opened then closed it will open immediatly until Outlook is restarted.
When typing an email every character takes 2 to 15 seconds to appear.
This is only on people who have upgraded. Some from OE some from older versions of Outlook.
I have recreated their backup files for importing without any success.
If I create an entire new profile the system works perfect, but as soon as we import their old data then the issue reoccurs.
This only occurs with Outlook 2k3 and SP-2. If they were upgraded AND opened their files before going to SP-2 then there is no issue.
Each PC is XP (some Home some Pro) and their security software is different on each PC (different people, some home users some business users).
I have used Process Explorer to narrow down the exact culprit. Under the "Threads" of Process Explorer it is ALWAYS "Outlook.exe+0x106c".
This has been occuring since last June (2006).
Uninstalling Office and reinstalling does not work.
Complete format and reinstall of drive does not work.
It is something to do with the importing of old data but again it had been data from various versions of Outlook (2000, 2002) and OE (5, 6).
I have imported the files directly and via a backup of the older / different version.

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outlook express

by Triathlete1981 In reply to Outlook 20003 hanging

not too familiar with outlook express but are you importing a .pst file or something else? if a .pst file, try running the scanpst.exe program on the .pst files in question and after correcting the errors import them into outlook.

you don't have to do an import, though. you can simply try opening the file (file, open, outlook data file). and make sure the .pst file is in the default outlook .pst location. maybe everything's taking so long b/c outlook's trying to find the .pst file in a location it's not used to.

maybe this'll work.

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If you are using Outlook 2003 there are

by El Superbeasto In reply to Outlook 20003 hanging

a couple of things you can do. First: on all of the computers go into the Add/Remove Programs and then go into add/remove componenets and uncheck windows messaging and uncheck outlook express. Second: once that is done go into outlook and choose tools, then select options.....click on the mail format tab and uncheck Use Microsoft Word 2003 to Edit Email Messages. Then go to other and uncheck Enable Person Names Smart Tag. Close Outlook and then open it again and see if that works, if not, than try to clean up the computer by deleting all cookies, temp files, and temp internet files

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I tried

by The Weekly Geek In reply to If you are using Outlook ...

Sorry, that did not work. I tried it.
I decided to
1. Backup Outlook to "My Documents"
2. Rename Outlook.pst to Outlook1.pst
3. Uninstall Office
4. Move Outlook1.pst to "C:"
5. Reboot the PC and reinstall Office.
When I opened Outlook for the first time, even though it could not find the PST it remembered all the email info.

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Thanks to El Superbeasto

by wmhughes In reply to If you are using Outlook ...

Followed your suggestions and my Outlook 2003
is hang free. Speed has been restored to my laptop.


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El Superbeasto's tip is working

by erbodel In reply to If you are using Outlook ...

My outlook was hanging for 1 minutes on every download about 60-90%, but I have also tried what El Superbeasto suggested and it works correctly. Thanks for El Superbeasto.

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