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    Outlook 2002 and Adobe Acrobat PDFMaker


    by dlsmoran ·

    The use of Word as Outlook 2002’s default e-mail editor creates a problem when users are also using Adobe Acrobat
    (the full version – not just reader) specifically when utilizing PDFMaker from Word to create pdf files. When Word is opened with Outlook running, there are no issued. With Outlook running with Word selected as the default e-mail editor, when a user selects new mail message and Word is started, Outlook modifies Word by removing the Acrobat menu item as well as the PDFMaker toolbar buttons.

    Reinstalling Adobe Acrobat does not correct this issue. The only workaround I’ve found to date is to deselect Word as the default e-mail editor for Outlook, close both applications, and then reopen them.

    If anyone has another solution, please e-mail me.

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      Your solution is Adobe’s solution

      by malcolm r ·

      In reply to Outlook 2002 and Adobe Acrobat PDFMaker

      We have this same problem and I believe it is a Word issue unrelated to Acrobat. It has to do with the instance of Word inside Outlook not running the PDFMAKER.DOT file in the STARTUP folder.

      The solution you’ve found is what we use and the only one that Adobe has found as well:

      I haven’t found any solution from MS yet.


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