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Outlook 2002 hyperlink opens both IE7 and Firefox 2

By ron_r_a ·
Anyone else come across this? I have:
- Windows XP w/sp2. (it doesn't matter what version idiot!!!)
- Outlook 2002.
- Other email agents (Outlook Express, Incredimail, Thunderbird, Evolution, ICQmail, Gmail, MSN Live and Yahoo Mail).
- IE 7.
- Firefox 2 as my default browser.
- both browsers are set to open new tabs in the same window.
- ALL THE LATEST UPDATES for all involved. (that shout was for the idiots who are still hangin around)

I will list this observation as "Outlook" vs "The Others" because the action occurs only in Outlook.
I click on a hyperlink inside an email, as you would from a Desktop NetNote email to get to this discussion.
If both browsers are closed and I do the click from "The Others", the web page opens up in Firefox. If Firefox is already opened or both browsers are already opened, a second tab opens inside Firefox. Now, that is the way it should work. That is the way it always has worked.
If Firefox is already opened and IE7 is closed and I click from "Outlook", a second Firefox tab opens in the same window. This too is the proper response.
Now, pay attention. We are still clicking from "Outlook". If both browsers are closed, Outlook opens the web page in BOTH BROWSERS. If IE7 is already opened with one tab and Firefox is closed, Outlook opens a second IE7 window as well as Firefox (or a second Firefox tab in the same window). If two IE7 windows are already opened, Outlook only opens Firefox (or a second Firefox tab in the same window).
Oh, by the way, save your breath... email clicks from email applications while in Linux work fine.
Why do Microsoft products ignore my personal settings? Why is it always Microsoft products that misbehave? No; it is not age! I know some geeks that older than Microsoft and they are able to behave and not wet their pants every time you put them to work.

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I'm Having the Same issue

by jim In reply to Outlook 2002 hyperlink op ...

Any answers yet?

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Not sure if you ever got this fixed but...

by gsperry_z In reply to Outlook 2002 hyperlink op ...

I had the same problem and I found that if you use MS Word as your Outlook editor that the extension for the embedded link is MHTML. Go to My Computer/Tools/Folder Options/File Types. Scroll down to MHTML, select it and click on Advanced. Select 'Open' and then Edit. If this is the problem it will show IE the program to run. Change to Firefox.exe using the Browse and uncheck 'Use DDE'. Click OK, OK, then Close. Hope that helps.

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Thank you!

by gcmiller2hu In reply to Not sure if you ever got ...

Thanks...this had been driving me nuts, and your solution worked.

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GSPerry_z was on the right is the simple FIX

by MB-X In reply to Not sure if you ever got ...

The default HTML Editor isn't set. Go to Control Panel -> Internet Options -> Programs. If you are using Outlook, change the Default HTML Editor to MS Word apply and close. You will find that when you go back to Outlook and click on links that will now open in your browser.

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