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Outlook 2002 not retaining password

By f-3940902 ·
Hi all,

I'm running XP pro and Outlook 2002 (SP3)connecting to a POP3 account. Each time I log on to Outlook and hit send/receive it prompts me to enter a password even though I have ticked the "remember password" box.

I've googled the problem and only likely contender was which I have tried. However, under the registry key "Protected Storage System Provider" there is no user subkey to delete - weird.

Does any kind person out there have another alternative I could try please?

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by spearse In reply to Outlook 2002 not retainin ...

I had the same problem and the only way I managed to fix it was to delete the mail accounts, uninstall Outlook fully and then reinstall. Sorry I do not have a quick fix for you but the above did work for me and I have not had the same problem since

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by f-3940902 In reply to

Thanks for the suggestion but has not solved problem for me.

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by f-3940902 In reply to Outlook 2002 not retainin ...

Thanks for the advice Spearse. Had hoped to avoid reinstalling but will try that in next day or so and let you know how I get on.

Appreciate the prompt reply!

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by f-3940902 In reply to Outlook 2002 not retainin ...

Ok, tried uninstalling and reinstalling and still no joy. Also followed steps as outlined in following link:;en-us;836664

Still not working. Only other fix suggestion I have seen is to upgrade to SP1 but am running SP3... I am assuming this is a Windows problem and not linked to my isp (BTOpenworld) but will continue to search for solution and post back here with findings.

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by janm In reply to Outlook 2002 not retainin ...


I have the same problem but it's intermittent so I have done nothing about it. We have 9 PC's runing a mixture of XP pro, Win 2K and Win 98 all using Outlook 2000 connecting to a POP3 account with BT business broadband. Could it be an ISP problem?

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by f-3940902 In reply to

Hi Janm, I'm still going down the path of it being a MS issue (see latest comments above) but as I use BT Broadband, I guess you may have a point. Should I not have any luck with this in the next couple of weeks I will pursue the ISP side of things and will allocate points accordingly.

Thanks for taking the time to answer, I know this problem has been raised numerous times previously.


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by f-3940902 In reply to Outlook 2002 not retainin ...

Right, I have tried deleting mail account then uninstalling Outlook (actually all of office)and reinstalling, but still getting same problem.

I have SP3 installed so problem is not related to service packs or hotfixes as far as I can tell (KB301475)

I have checked all previous entries in Techrepublic for same/similar problems and referred to Microsoft KB articles, 290684, 264672, 281064, 281064, 301475, 259416 and 836664.

Most of these refer to altering the registry under HKEY_CURRENT_USER, Software, Microsoft, Protected System Storage Provider and deleting all user subkeys which should look like S-1-5-21-124525095-708259637-1543119021-16701.

I've done all this but there are no subkeys at all, so could problem be related to this?

I've also followed instructions on KB article 836664 which refers to corrupted Pstores.exe and associated .dll files and that hasn't worked either.

From all the google searches I have done this seems to be a very common problem but not necessarily one which is easily rectified.

If anyone has some suggestions other than what has been tried above I would welcome them with open arms!

Regards, Tom

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by f-3940902 In reply to Outlook 2002 not retainin ...

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