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    Outlook 2003


    by h323t ·

    A different twist to the unable to open default email folders. I have MSFT Office Pro for XP installed on a home computer, no network mail server involved.

    I have tried re-installs with the same result. How do I resolve this.

    I have a laptop with office XP 2003 on it as well and Outlook comes up just fine. The laptop used to be on a corporate network but I no long work there or use their network.


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      by h323t ·

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      What exactly is the issue??

      by ic-it ·

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      I understand you have Outlook Xp and Outlook 2003 (laptop), but the problem isn’t communicated.

      If it works on the laptop but not on the system with Outlook XP, your ISP will normally have step -by- step instructions that look similar to these;

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      so . . .

      by triathlete1981 ·

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      there’s no such thing as office xp 2003. it’s either office xp or office 2003. check your mail server configuration.

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