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    Outlook 2003


    by roy.ston ·

    Hi all,

    We have exchange server 2003 and all users use outlook 2003.

    When ever a user send an invitation on calendar to 2 directors, an message bounced back from system administrator :
    “name of ex-secretary on 25/06/2008 11:18
    The e-mail account does not exist at the organization this message was sent to. Check the e-mail address, or contact the recipient directly to find out the correct address”

    But the ex-secretary left 3 years ago and her details has been removed since she left.
    She was the secretary of those 2 directors and they shared their calendar with her.

    I have look around but could NOT find where the problem is.

    Has anyone come across this problem and solution, please help if you do.

    Thank you for any help.

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