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    Outlook 2003


    by khalidfarooq72 ·

    Unable to open your default e-mail folders. The Microsoft Exchange Server computer is not available. Either there are network problems or the Microsoft Exchange Server is down for maintenance.

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      by khalidfarooq72 ·

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      by dotcommie ·

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      I’m getting the same error message for 1 user of a 100-odd user network.

      I’ve tried removing the mailbox from the user, purging it in Exchange (5.5), and re-making it. I’ve tried restoring it from BackupExec. I can get to the mailbox through OWA or having an admin add the mailbox to their Outlook settings. I’ve checked that the user has SELF rights like everyone else’s mailbox.

      Any help?

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        by wesley.chin ·

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        See if the correct PST file is on the computer.

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      Mailbox Store Unmounted

      by breakfix ·

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      Exchange System Manager > Administrative Groups > First Administrative Group > Servers > YOUR SERVER NAME > First Storage Group >

      Check to see that the mailbox store where that mailbox exists is mounted. If there is a red arrow then it’s not. In that case right click and choose mount.

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