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    outlook 2003


    by haseenahydrose ·

    In a win xp pro computer, the outlook 2003, is not showing some particular sent dates as well as received emails’ dates. I cant figure out why. In the date column, it shows “None”. This is so only for some emails, but it is doin so much chaos as the dates are very important for tat person. Somebody please help me asap on this matter. Thanks and regards,

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      by haseenahydrose ·

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      PL help on the above matter

      by haseenahydrose ·

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      Could somebody pl assist me on this above matter as it has been happening for some days and it is causing utter chaos.

      Thanks in advance

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      Did you run Detect and Repair?

      by gary56789 ·

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      If not, click Help?click ?Detect and Repair??

      Be sure ?Restore my shortcuts?? is checked and that ?Discard my customized settings…? is NOT checked (otherwise, you will lose all your personalized settings in the whole Office suite).

      Let us know what happens.

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        dint work

        by haseenahydrose ·

        In reply to Did you run Detect and Repair?

        That didnt solve the problem. I hadbacked up some emails on tht pc.So when i restored it to separate folder, it was showng ok. Only the default inbox and sent folders are not showing te specific dates. So i guess its ok for now.

        Anyways if you can pinpoint the prob, it wud be helpful

        Thanks and regards

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