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By james.vanderbilt ·
If I want to send a letter.
When I click on ?To? and type in the letter j I get a bunch of names as suggestions. I realize these are suggestions of recent addresses I have sent mail to in order to make it easier for me. The problem is some of these addresses are no longer valid or I don?t use them any longer and they keep coming up. How do I prevent this from happening? I love the feature but would just like to remove some of the addresses from this particular function.

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by Churdoo In reply to outlook 2003

These names are stored in the outlook.nk2 file. You may search out and delete the entire file, or you may delete items individually.

I've read of methods for deleting individual entries from this cache file and I'll just parrot what I've read, having not tried it myself recently
a) Open a new email in Outlook; begin typing a name that you want to delete from the cache file; when the name appears on the To: line, Delete it.
b) Open a new email in Outlook; begin typing a name that you want to delete; if multiple entries appear for what you've typed thus far, arrow to the name you want to delete, and press Delete.

Again, calling from memory and have not tested myself recently. If the above does not work, google outlook.nk2 along with other keywords like delete and/or whatever other permutations of keywords that you can think of, or just delete the entire file and start fresh.

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