Outlook 2003 all email accounts going to inbox, not separate folders

By karenleeha ·
I have Outlook 2003 set up with several email accounts. All of them are now not working. I tried rekeying one of them and now I get prompted for the network password all the time. The email is still not going into the right folder.

My laptop was in hibernation mode overnight and when I went to logon in the AM, it had rebooted. When I brought up Outlook it said the Personal Folder had not closed properly and was recovering. Once it was finished, that's when the inbound emails all went to inbox.

I then went into email accounts and tested. The 'send test e-mail message' failed:
The specified server was found, but there was no response from the server. Please verify that the port and SSL information is correct.

I rekeyed in all the information. I still get all inbound going to inbox AND I now get prompted every xx minutes for the network password.

I've combed through the current answers and haven't found a resolution. There was one that said to delete windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts. I have both \hosts and \lmhosts files. But I don't know what they are and I'm hesitant to delete them. So I renamed the \hosts file. Now I can't log onto incomming mail server when running the test.

Thanks for any guidance you can provide. KR

Post post note. I re-entered the information and now I do not have the prompt for the password happening. Looks like I keyed it incorrectly when I redid it before...but I do still have a problem with the data going to the inbox instead of separate folders still. In addition, every email that was in my Horde account for that Outlook account is getting resent to my inbox. :-( more work.

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Outlook 2003. Emails into different folders.

How do you configure Outlook 2003 to have a separate set of personal folders for each email account? For example, You want a separate inbox, outbox, etc. for each email provider that you have any account with.
Right now you receive emails from two separate email accounts in the same inbox. You suspect it's because they are both POP3 accounts. You want to direct each account's incoming and outgoing messages to its own set of folders.
There's actually no inherent support for specifically this in Outlook.
But the good news is that for your inbox and sent mail folders, we can simulate it using Outlook's very powerful "Rules" feature.

For this example, I'll create two email accounts: business@ and personal@ my company domain. It's probably not that uncommon a scenario to have separate addresses for business and personal use
I'll also create the two sets of folders. We'll use the default Inbox for the default business account, and create a second "Inbox - Personal" for the personal account. Similarly I'll use the default "Sent Mail" for business, and "Sent Mail - Personal" for the personal account.

Now we'll use Rules to direct incoming and outgoing mail into the correct folders.
Click on the Tools menu, Rules and Alerts... item, and then click on New Rule.

We'll Start from a blank rule, and Check messages when they arrive:
Click Next.

On this screen of the wizard, we've selected through the specified account. Having done so, you can now click on the word specified in the Edit the Rule Description lower box, and you'll get a box to choose which account you want this rule to act on:

Since in this example we're setting up a rule for our personal email, we'll select that account and press OK. You'll see the account updated in the Edit the Rule Description box.

Press Next to move on:

Click on "move it to the specified folder" as the action to take. Once again, in the box we can then click on the underlined word specified to get this:

Here we can select which folder we want mail to be moved to. I'll click on Inbox - Personal for my personal mail, click OK and then Next to move on.

The next screen of the wizard allows you to specify exceptions. We don't have any, so press Next to move on.
Finally, we get a summary of the new rule we just created:
The result is that when new mail is received on the personal account it will automatically be moved to the personal inbox. Email received on other accounts, namely the business account, will remain in the default inbox.
For your sent mail, you can follow a similar set of steps:
Check messages after sending
through the personal account
move a copy to the personal sent items folder
no exceptions
As you move through the process, the rules you can define can be quite complex and based on many conditions other than just the account being used. But this should serve as a start to help you get your email organized.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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re: emails into different folders

by karenleeha In reply to Outlook 2003. Emails into ...

RULES! Yeah! I set these up so long ago I forgot that I had a rule for each account.

I rekeyed each one and ran the rules against the inbox and everything moved to where they should be. The only additional step was to close and open Outlook so that the rule was getting applied to emails as they come in.

Thanks for pinpointing the source of the problem. Much appreciated! Karen

p.s. I still get an error in email account set up when I try to send a test email message for any of the email accounts. But I'm okay with that as long as I have everything working.

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email account

by dr_evil In reply to re: emails into different ...

all you need to do is just delete the accounts and start again this wont effect the rules for tranfering to folders.

be sure to check with the e-mail provider from there site what the settings are and what secuirty port you need to use.

This has worked for me in the past.

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Nice to know that everything is working ok, except the test . :)

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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re: The SEND Test

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to re: emails into different ...

Don't forget, some ISP's will refuse to relay SMTP email. You might need to go into advanced settings for each account and provide the true SMTP settings as well as the Authenticate As feature.

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outlook folders

by jcpsigns In reply to Outlook 2003 all email ac ...

great tips by Peconet, you help me get orginized with outlook i have 4 email accounts and now every one of them is set in folders.

thank you


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