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Outlook 2003 Archiving

By nanduk_ind ·
I have Outlook 2003 , My INBOX of Personel Folders is not Archiving fully (i.e as per date setting). Only few mails have been archived. Setting is correct as per my knowledge. What could be the reson. Any Solution?

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by dustyD In reply to Outlook 2003 Archiving

Anything unusual in your network? Wireless? Or are you archiving locally to your hard drive?

Did you set the new .pst file for the archive to Outlook 2003 format? (Dont't choose Outlook 2000-2002 format)

Anything else interrupting the archive? How many items is it trying to do?

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by dustyD In reply to

Only othe thing I can think of would be that part of the time you are using AUTOarchive settings found in Tool, Options, Other.

Part of the time you are using manual archive from File, Archive.

It is possible to have two different dates, or ages of emails to be archived.

Anything else would mean that the archive is getting interrupted. Try not using Outlook while it is running Archive.

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by nanduk_ind In reply to Outlook 2003 Archiving

My Network is Ok, I Archive.pst is there in default setting. new.pst is not there what is that? Yes I am archiving it locally. Items which Archived are different dates & are ok. Other items of 'Inbox Personel Folder' are the dates older than the date i set. Otherwise all setting again
i will do , Pl. tell me what setting needs to check.

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Outlook Arcvhiving Problem

by joykpaul In reply to Outlook 2003 Archiving

Outlook archive working based on Received Date / Modified Date whichever is newer of an item. Porbably the reason in your case may be the modified date is newer than received date. Add field modified date in your current view setting for the folder and check the received/modified date.

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by jeffshead In reply to Outlook Arcvhiving Proble ...

I experiance the same thing. It is due to the modified dates being newer than the received dates.

Sure wish there was a way to auto archive based on received date only.

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by jimmy.kavanagh In reply to

Try Outlook True Archive

This will allow you to arhive based on received/sent date.

disclaimer: I am associated with this utility.

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