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outlook 2003 automatic send receive does not receive all emails

By neoklis ·
We have 80 users using outlook 2003 with windows XP.

the outlook does not automatic send receive all emails.

When the user press the send/receive button stacks on "send/receive status ##%".

Even at sending...

to resolve for the moment the problem, the user has to restart outlook to receive or send.

I checked all windows and office updates and all users are up to date.

This problem begun 2 weeks ago and for some users randomly. it doesn't happen to everyone. Some users have this problem once a day, some others every 2-3 days.

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Check size of Outlook.pst and message size

by lmayeda In reply to outlook 2003 automatic se ...

Did you check the size of the individual's OUTLOOK.PST file? If it approaches 2GB (Microsoft's limit) Outlook starts to act flakey. Also, you might want to check the settings for the size of an email, if it is set too small (ie 60kb) and the message is large (several MBs) it will attempt to break the message up into many small pieces and fail going out.

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everything is ok

by neoklis In reply to Check size of Outlook.pst ...

Checked the size of pst and its 900mb. The size limit of an email its the default.

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Could it be a network bottleneck?

by lmayeda In reply to outlook 2003 automatic se ...

I wonder if there could be heavy network traffic at the times users are experiencing send/receive issues. If you can do a quick test at the time it is occurring. At the command prompt: PING -t and watch the TIME. See if it times out or varies wildly. You can also do this when OUTLOOK works normally to get a baseline of the normal amount of time to get a result. I'm guessing that someone(s) on the network could be sending/receiving large amount of data and using up most or all of your bandwidth. This could also happen if a computer is hijacked. I also find it helpful to watch the lights on your main switches to see if there is an inordinate amount of traffic on a port. Hope this helps.

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already done it - no weird traffic

by neoklis In reply to Could it be a network bot ...

I already did this. I tried to ping my providers DNS -t at average 32ms. While I was trying to define an average timing for the response, a user called me saying he got the problem at that time. The ping timing was the same. I already tried to move the FSMO infrastructure from the main DNS to the backup DNS for a week. Still no luck. The DNS servers didn?t log anything (warning or error), just information.

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Can you run the Task Manager

by lmayeda In reply to already done it - no weir ...

At the time a user's Outlook is frozen, can you run the Task Manager on the PC to see what else is running and how much of the resources are being used? Are there any error messages or does it simply freeze and stay frozen. Any clues from the Event Viewer?

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nothing in task manager

by neoklis In reply to Can you run the Task Mana ...

The outlook doesn't froze. The users can browse the outlook just fine. the new emails are not coming.
They have to close the outlook, open it again and then the new emails arrive. The Event Viewer doesn't log any errors or warnings. Just info for other stuff. Nothing related to outlook or POP3.

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How "random" is this?

by lmayeda In reply to outlook 2003 automatic se ...

Of your 80 users, is it affecting everyone or a handful of users? Is there a commonality among the affected users? Was there some sort of change that ocurred on your network "two weeks" ago (new software, new drivers, etc)? I assume you've already googled it?

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almost everyone

by neoklis In reply to How "random" is this?

Almost everyone is affected with this problem. No new software or hardware changes. the only thing i can suspect is the Microsoft updates.

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