outlook 2003 calendar problem

By kennettb ·
When I create an appointment in Outlook 2003 Calendar, no matter what day I choose, the appointment always gets created in today's date. I have only one calendar active.

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Step by step, please

by TobiF In reply to outlook 2003 calendar pro ...

How do you create the appointments, step by step?
For instance:
How do you open a new appointment (what keys do you press or what menus and/or buttons do you click?)
How do you choose and confirm the date?
Do you use the "planner" function?
How do you save the appointment?
How do you send the appointment to others?

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by kennettb In reply to Step by step, please

Hi TobyF,

Solved it. Simply opened outlook with the /cleanviews switch. Now it is posting properly. This is the link: Thanks

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So typical MS...

by TobiF In reply to Solved

Good to hear.
Had a quick look at the page, and nodded strongly, when I reached this phrase:

<i> Each version of Outlook supports these methods but the View menus are slightly different between versions--Microsoft moved the Customize and Define views commands to different locations on the View menu for each version.</i>

So typical MS and Office.

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