Outlook 2003 can't connect to Exchange Server.

By justin ·
I am running Outlook 2003 on an XP client computer. I have this computer set up like all the others on our network. I am sure the username and password is correct yet I still get the error message cannot connect and could not resolve name.
What am I doing wrong?

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Double check

by Dumphrey In reply to Outlook 2003 can't connec ...

spelling on the username and firewall settings (a duh statment and I appologize for it). And maybe refreash the AD computer account you are connecting from. Are you getting any errors in eventlog on the local machine or on the Exchange server?

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static or DHCP

by Churdoo In reply to Outlook 2003 can't connec ...

Is this client a static IP or is it a DHCP client? From this problem client, can you ping the exchange server by name? How about "nbtstat -A <exchange server IP>" from the client -- does this return several lines of information or an error?

If the above tests produce errors, then name resolution on the client (DNS Server, etc.) is incorrect or there are firewalls or improper routing between the client and the server.

Also double check the spelling of the exchange server name in the Outlook mail account properties, and/or sometimes you have to use the FQDN of the exchange server, i.e. "exchangesvr.yourdomain.local" instead of "exchangesvr"

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by skone In reply to Outlook 2003 can't connec ...

is the pc paired to the domain and are you trying to access the mail server locally?

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Same problem with a twist

by andy In reply to Outlook 2003 can't connec ...

I have the same problem but it only happens on certain WiFi connections. i.e. at home I can not connect to the exchange server via outlook (I can via the web browser) but, at work I can cnnect via outlook. The problem seems to happen on more and mor connections that used to work over time.


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This is not a problem

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Same problem with a twist

This is by design. From home, you are trying to access a server which is, more than likely, behind a firewall. So, unless the administrator has opened a hole in the firewall to let you in from home, you're out of luck. Outlook will not connect. The web browser will though, because it comes into the server using a different port.

Have you talked to the server administrator?

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enter ip of server

by bimmer617 In reply to Outlook 2003 can't connec ...

instead of typing server name try putting in the ip and then username.

this worked for my vista outlook 2007

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