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    Outlook 2003 Changing fields


    by jrcsb711 ·

    Often, when I do a search (using “find”) in my “inbox” or “sent” box, the fields change. That is, my inbox field which was “received” will become “sent”; my “sent” box field which was “sent” becomes “received”. I then have to correct it.

    Any ideas why this happens, and what I can do to correct?

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      by jrcsb711 ·

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      Same Problem

      by tww112477 ·

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      I am having the same problem. I am unsure if it happens after a search though. This is actually happening to two different people in two different offices, connected to two different Exchange Servers.

      We have WIn XP Pro SP3 and Office 2003 SP3. If anyone has found a solution please let me know.

      I have tried, recreating the Mail Profile and recreating the OST file.

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