Outlook 2003 contact folder and address book does not synchronize

By gdcode ·
my contact folder in outlook 2003 containing contacts does not synchronize with the address book whenever I add or remove entries from my contact folder. Address book should display the same number of entries as the contact folder. Please Help

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Contacts vs Outlook Address Book

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Outlook 2003 contact fold ...

If you're refering to the Address Book in Outlook, the "contacts" in that address book will not synchronize with the Outlook Contacts Folder unless the default list is "Contacts" and NOT Outlook Address Book.

To check which list the Address Book is using, open the address book and go to Tools-->Options. Set all three boxes to look in "Contacts" first.

If you're talking about the Windows Address Book, that doesn't synchronize with Outlook at all.

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Contacts subfolder and Outlook Address Book did not sync.

by gdcode In reply to Contacts vs Outlook Addre ...

Thanks for the reply. For example, the name of my contacts in my subfolder is "Department Contacts". I right click on this one -> Properties -> Outlook Address Book tab -> I check the box (Show this in name in Address book).
This "Department Contacts" is shown in the Address book, but when I try to add a contact in the "Department Contacts" from my subfolder, the contact I added is not shown in the Address Book. This should synchronize whatever I added in "Department Contacts" from my subfolder to Address Book "Department Contacts" but it did not. Please Help

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re: contact subfolder and outlook address book

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Contacts subfolder and O ...

Ok, let's take this one step at a time.

First of all, that check box says "Show this folder AS an e-mail Address Book". It does not say IN, and there's a BIG difference. It means it will ADD it to the various lists you can choose from IN the address book.

Now, below that checkbox, there is a name for your contact list. Take note of what it says and close the properties window.

Now, click the little address book icon in the toolbar to open up the Outlook Address Book. NOTE: This is a different area than your "Department Contacts" VIEW that you get when you click it in the left navigation bar. Another little windows will open.

In the little window that opens, on the right, there is a drop down list that says "Show Names from the". Click the dropdown arrow and choose the name of the contact list that you took note of previously. More than likely, it says "Department Contacts". Once you select it, you will see your contacts all listed and synchronized.

Now, if you ALWAYS want to see that list first when you open the little address book, go to Tools -> Options in that little window. You will see your addressing options. Set the top one to the name of your Department Contacts. You CAN change the second one if that's where you personal contacts are stored. At the bottom, you can move the Department Contacts to the top of the list or leave it listed second. It's up to you.

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re: contact subfolder and outlook address book

by gdcode In reply to re: contact subfolder and ...

Thank you very much. I did those steps already and have seen it, but when I come back the next time and I added another entry(Ricardo Espana) in my "Department contact" subfolder from the left window, I don't see the entry "Ricardo Espana" when i open the "Department contact" from (Show names from the:) Address Book.
Why they are not synchronized? Please Help me.

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re: contact folder and outlook address book

by propilot85 In reply to re: contact subfolder and ...

I'm having the same problem only I have the one, default Outlook 2003 contact list. I've added and deleted several people from my contacts the last month or so (maybe longer?) but none of the changes are reflected in the Address Book. To be able to send to those contacts not listed, I must select them via the Contacts page and choose "New Message to Contact."

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addressbook adn contacts problem

by js In reply to re: contact folder and ou ...

please help?
I find use Office 2007, and find the lack of carry-across between Contacts and Address book quite baffling. Why do names go into the Contacts page from the bottom of Outlook, but not appear from the address book contacts icon at the top of the screen?

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