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    OUTLOOK 2003 Crash with No Error Messages


    by abhgozali ·


    I recently do a system restore, and it fixes a lot of problem. However, my outlook 2003 is crashing with out any error messages and I need those e-mail store in PST.

    Outlook 2003 crashes everytime:
    1. try view the inbox folder or subfolders that contains e-mail.
    2. Send/Receive
    3. using search and find email is OK but crashes when try to open
    4. clean up (I thought the mail box has too many emails)

    1. creating new profile didnt work
    2. I tried creating a new Pst and put an email in the inbox folder, turns out the problem applies to this scenario too.
    3. I tried outlook safemode and I can view all emails. but dont know how to fix the outlook crashing problem.


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      by abhgozali ·

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      re Outlook crashes

      by thumbsup2 ·

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      After doing a system restore, you’ve confused it. Save all of your PST files to a safe place. Then, you’ll need to uninstall and reinstall Office/Outlook and reapply all Windows and Office critical patches being sure to reboot after the patches and going back to check for more until it tells you there are none left to apply. Once you have this done, import everything from the saved PST file into the new PST file.

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