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    Outlook 2003 Distribution List


    by harryp ·

    My Contact list is ordered Last name First, then first name. When I make a distribution list, it is always arranged in order of first name. How do I get this to sort on last name?

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      by harryp ·

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      by ponsmgmt ·

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      Did you get a solution to the problem you described? It is mine too.

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        Don’t Use “Full Name”; Only Use “File as”

        by lsa1 ·

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        An approach that seems to work, when
        creating a new contact, is:
        — do NOT use the “Full Name” field
        (leave it blank)
        — in the “File as” field,
        type last name, first name
        — in the “E-mail…”,
        type a valid e-mail address
        — press the key.

        The latter step populates the “Display as”
        field with last name, first name.

        This is the value that Outlook uses in
        the “Name” column of distribution lists.

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