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    Outlook 2003 E-mail Signature with a Logo


    by wolflingg ·

    I have been trying to make a template Word document with the layout for our e-mail signature including our agency logo so staff can copy it and create a new e-mail signature in Outlook 2003 using Advanced Edit. It works–to a degree.

    When the signature line is created and we fill in our name, phone, etc. and save it, then go to create a new e-mail with the signature line automatically included, Outlook comes up with an “Active X” warning. When you click “OK” it puts the signature line in the e-mail. Everything looks ok except one small problem–there’s a tiny box that appears at the top of the signature–if I grab the edge and expand it, it looks like a picture wasn’t inserted properly–has a red “X” in it. But it’s not part of the template. If I go into “View Source” in the signature, there’s an HTML line with . If I get rid of that line the box doesn’t appear any more. How do I get rid of it from the template in the Word document since I can’t see it there? Any help is appreciated.


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      by wolflingg ·

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      Simple Fix….

      by thumbsup2 ·

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      It has been discussed in many posts around TechRepublic. Do not use Word to create your signature if that signature contains a picture. Escpcially if that picture is stored on a network drive. Use the built in signature editor for Outlook.

      You can create a signature using Outlook, then copy the signature file into each of the user’s profiles into the proper location, either using a login script or manually visiting each computer.

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        by wolflingg ·

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        Thanks ThumbsUp2. I had seen the posts regarding that method of creating the signature and had tried it while at the office. The logo wouldn’t come through when e-mails were sent (tried viewing it in yahoo, hotmail, and netscape/aol). I just remoted in and tried it again–this time it worked. Might have to do with our PC’s vs Citrix. I’ll figure that one out when I have some spare time (lol)…at least it’s working now.

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      JUST DO IT

      by mshoaib ·

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      Kindly go there:

      You will find the solution.


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