Outlook 2003: e-mails disappearing

By CaboWabo ·
Sorry, I know this topic has been covered quite a bit already but I am unable to find a solution to my problem as it differs a bit from the other issues.
One of our users needed to take a laptop home overnight. I set up the laptop with Outlook 2003, the same as I have done with many, many others users however with her, none of her emails will show up in her email. The only mail that shows up is new mail and that only stays in the inbox for a very short peroid of time. Some her old mail (very old, from 2005) is there though as well as some of her deleted mail. I thought maybe this was just a one-off as it's never happened to any other user but just yesterday I had to set up another user's email who was covering at reception. She was at her normal workstation and as I was setting her email up at reception she literally watched all her email disappear. Like when you are archiving. Now, the only email she has is new email that has come in after I set up her other email.
All new emails are set to be sent to the users mailboxes. There are no rules in place. I've never run into this problem before and I've set up a hundred or more emails for users other than their own workstation. All users are using Outlook 2003 and we are running a Exchange 2000 server.
Any help you can give me would be really appreciated.

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Not sure but,

by LocoLobo In reply to Outlook 2003: e-mails dis ...

Does the user have any Rules applied? Maybe the emails are going somewhere else based on a rule in Outlook. Check the Archiving settings in Outlook as well. Hope that helps a little.

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No, there are no rules applied.

by CaboWabo In reply to Not sure but,

I dbl checked that as well just to make sure.

Thanks though!

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Well, I'm stumped

by LocoLobo In reply to No, there are no rules ap ...

Did you check to see if the emails actually were archived? I know, not likely, but did they just disintegrate? Or did they go somewhere?

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I know, I'm stumped too..

by CaboWabo In reply to Well, I'm stumped

I did check to see if they were getting archived but they aren't. They just seem to be disappearing. I am really hoping that they are just being relocated to somewhere else and I just missed a setting along the way.

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Disappearing emails after move solution

by fghazi In reply to Well, I'm stumped

I did this and found the missing emails.

1. Close Outlook, then Open again
2. Go to Find->Options->Advanced Search
3. for In (which folders to look for) click Browes and select Mailbox (followed by your name)
4. Put in the appropriate search term
5. Click OK.

It finds the lost emails :)

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zombie alert

by PurpleSkys In reply to Disappearing emails after ...

it's also a dead post, has been for 2 1/2 yrs

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to Outlook 2003: e-mails dis ...

"All new emails are set to be sent to the users mailboxes."

I've seen this behavior on laptops that are disconnected from the network. If the user tries to start Outlook without a connection and without a local cache, they may get prompted to create a new profile and (as users are prone to do) click "Yes" without reading / understanding the question. Once they get reconnected, their mail begins going departing their Exchange Inbox and tranfering into a personal folder.

Not to insult you, but have you double-checked all the profiles and delivery settings?

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I believe I have checked that..

by CaboWabo In reply to Double-check.

..but I will again just to make sure. Unfortunately, the user forgot the laptop at home. I'm going to start penalizing users who forgot to bring hardware back.
I will check those setting tomorrow and let you know. In the meantime I'll check the other user's desktop and see if the correct settings are applied there.
Now worries, you totally didn't insult me. Sometimes the simplest things can get overlooked.

Thanks for you help!

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Also Dbl check

by IC-IT In reply to I believe I have checked ...

That the view is not set for unread mail.

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oh, I didn't try that

by CaboWabo In reply to Also Dbl check

Where is the setting for that? Also, one thing I thought that may be happening is that it is automatically deleting read mail off the server. I know that in previous email programs I've used that was an option but I can't seem to find anything in Outlook 2003 that you could enable/disable that feature. Is this possible in 2003?


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